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The APRs below represent the lowest rate that credit card companies could offer you.
However when  you apply, you may only be offered a higher APR. 
To find the card that offers you the overall lowest APR you may need to complete several credit card applications.

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       There are about 59 million UK credit cards in circulation 32 million of them in active use, according to other British bankers association. 
We borrow an average of 14,000 per card and 
owe about 45 billion in total and nearly 80 percent
of us pay interest. 
But credit card borrowers have no excuse for paying over the odds. Lenders are desperate to attract new customers and personal finance web sites make it easier than ever to find the best deals. 


Credit Card Options
Whatever your credit card habits are like compare the below UK credit cards.  And take in consideration what type of credit card is right for you - a credit card with a low APR or a rewards credit card.
If the outstanding balance on one of your credit cards is 2000. Depending on your current APR you could save over 400 in one year by transferring your balance to a credit card account with a  0% 6 month intro APR. 
If you pay off your borrowings each month but spend quite a lot, it is far better to look for a card offering a generous CashBack deal. The the APR is pretty much irrelevant. Astute borrowers are able to switch cards regularly, hoping from 1 introductory or interest-free special offer to another.
It can be useful to defer paying any interest on your borrowings and, hopefully, avoid paying any interest at all. You can then repay what is effectively a short-term loan over several months easing your cash- flow. As for low interest deals for example the Marbles MasterCard offers a six-month low interest period on purchases. Capital One  offer a six-month interest-free period. With all these you can transfer your existing balance. But remember that the interest rate will go up after the introductory period.
The credit card market is so flexible now there's nothing to stop you having several cards, each for a different function. For instance, you may choose a card with a cheap balance transfer deal for your medium-term warrant. This will keep interest payments to a minimum. For everyday spending, you might have a card with a good CashBack deal that you pay off each month. And for one one-off major purchases, an interest-free card that doesn't require you to transfer existing balances might be a good idea. 
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