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Income protection insurance provides cover to replace your
main income when you cannot work because of sickness or injury.
This cover is generally a relatively short period of time, perhaps  one to six years, very few companies offer income protection insurance over the age of 65, and its even harder to find lifetime cover.

The priority for developing families should be holding onto the important
assets in the event of misfortune.

The main factors to be considered when buy term life insurance are working out the amount of insurance cover, how much
of that risk you will take upon yourself - " self-insurance"
- and how much you will pass on to an insurance company.

Term life insurance pays the contracted sum when a specified situation occurs
- usually when you become terminally ill or die. It will
provide the money needed for living expenses to your spouse and/or children, such expenses may include, college fees, debt, funerals, etc.

Life insurance  should be taken into serious consideration by people who have financial commitments such as debts or dependents.



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