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State Farm Insurance

Sleepless in Seattle Tuesday, July 22, 2003 
We were with State farm since we got our first car in 1995 and we have a perfect payment history. A couple yrs ago we added our renter's insurance with them, a year after that our car got stolen and claimed for items that were in the car. They covered everything provided with receipts. Didn't have a problem with that, few months later our monthly payment increased, I thought it was okay since there was a claim, then recently we received a letter from them stated that they're canceling our renters' insurance. I never thought it was a big deal, since there are a lot of other companies out there, being not from this country, not familiar with this, that this is a bad thing against us. We only found out when we applied to this other insurance company, where they declined our application bec there was a cancellation with State Farm, which no insurance company will accept. We tried talking to our agent but didn't give us any justification why just for one claim that our account with them got cancelled. 

State Farm Insurance

liza Monday, June 16, 2003 
When my apartment was broken into last year, I filed a claim for my stolen laptop, which my policy said would be covered. To make a very long (several months) story short, I was treated like a criminal from the beginning, even though I had a police report and several documents proving that I owned the laptop. After hours upon hours of upsetting phone conversations and after having the laptop manuals that they had requested sent back to me with no explanation, I had pretty much given up. HERE'S THE THING: They are bluffing. They thought they had won, but they knew that they had to honor the policy or accuse me of fraud. They try to make it so difficult that you will give up, and most of the time it works. When a friend advised me of this, I started up again, and eventually got my settlement. It is a dirty, rotten scam, and I will never use this company again, but anyone who has an outstanding claim should know that by giving up on it, you're doing exactly what they want you to do. They don't actually have to deny it if *you* drop the ball! This is not a fluke. This is their well-developed system of "weeding out the weenies" and saving themselves money by taking advantage of people who don't have countless hours to spend fighting for what is rightfully theirs. You don't have to call every day. Like I said, I had given up completely, and after about a month of no correspondence, I called again and asked point blank if my claim was being denied. Suddenly, everyone was sweet as pie and my claim was settled by people clearly trained to make up for the****you've been through so they come out smelling like roses. Evil and manipulative? Yes. A lost cause? Not necessarily. 

State Farm Insurance Company

Rich Cardamone Wednesday, October 2, 2002 
I have had State Farm since I started driving for my car insurance. When I did an internship in Delaware and had an apartment I got State Farm renter's insurance. Sadly I have had numerous auto claims, but my agent (who is no longer with State Farm) had been wonderful with all of them. After the summer of my internship I moved back into my apartment in college. I had accumulated a lot of items so I thought it best to continue the renter's insurance at school. Since I was moving out of Delaware and into PA I contacted my agent to tell him I would be moving. I gave him the new address I was moving to. He told me that once I moved in I would have 30 days to switch it over, I would be covered as long as I switched it over since I had already paid my premium. Well a week after I moved into my apartment my $1500 mountain bike was stolen, right out of my living room! I filed a police report and started the first hassle with State Farm. They tried to tell me that since I moved out of state I was not covered on my old policy, after the agent said I was for 30 days. Well needless to say I fought for about month until I got the Manager in charge of PA agents. It took a lot of calls but once I talked to him he made things happen. They finally settled the claim. Well the worst was yet to come. I continued my renter's insurance. In fact I paid it for the rest of the school year, excluding the last month or so. Well come the end of the school year I received a bill. I sent the payment in through my bank's bill payer. The bank prints a check and mails it to the company for you. Well the same weekend I mailed the check my apartment at school burned down. Just about everything was lost. I called State Farm that night and started a claim. The lady said someone would be in contact. Well they were in contact that Monday and said I was not covered. I fought up and down with them about the payment. The check had not cleared with my bank yet so I could not do much. They offered, supposedly as a jester of kindness, $500 to get clothes with. I took the check for $500 and held on to it. Since State Farm refused to pay the claim I contacted my parents homeowner's. Luckily since I was a college student they agreed to pay the claim. While I was dealing with my parent's insurance company I noticed the check for State Farm had cleared. I called them up complaining about how they cashed the check and told me I wasn't covered. I told them I want my money back if they weren't paying the claim. I even destroyed the $500 check they wrote for me, this way they didn't pay any money out. The ****s mailed me back a prorated refund for the month after the fire. Now if I am supposedly not covered why did they charge me for that time. But now the icing comes on the cake. I recently got married and need renter's insurance. I called State Farm, only because I get a discount, and asked about insurance. They asked if I had any claims paid out in the past 3 years. I said no not under my name. They lady came back and said there had been a claim. Well once again I worked my way up the ladder getting people's numbers to call. I ended up talking with an Underwriter (the person who decides if they will insure you or not). The underwriter told me that I had a claim back the time of my apartment Fire. I told her that the claim went under my parent's policy. Which they can't get insurance now either cause of it. As it turns out State Farm said that because I called them the night of the fire, it was considered a claim. Now they haven't paid one **** cent out, plus they collected my premiums for a month after the incident. And they are telling me I have a claim with them! BULL**** STATE FARM!! 

State Farm Insurance Company
Honest Citizen Thursday, June 20, 2002 
Snake Farm has to be the ultimate in denying a legitimate claim. We had a burglary and were covered by renter's insurance. Every time we provide a receipt, document, whatever, they just want more. This has gone on for three months. We even let them look at our credit and made taped statements. We now know we will probably never see a cent. I am just glad we did not suffer a fire or a tornado and had lost everything. The electronics and items lost will replace for 12,000$ We have not received one red cent, nor been offered anything. If you have Snake Farm now, cancel. If you have a claim with Snake Farm now, litigate. It is your only chance to recover anything from these crooks. Why the RICO statute does not apply to these crooks is beyond me. They now are far worse than organized crime. 
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