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There are many different avenues you can take when shopping for a personal
loan in the UK.
Establishments such as, building societies, high street banks, online lenders and grocery stores. With so many options, its well worth shopping around so that you can find the best loan provider for you.

Pros & Cons Of Different Loan Providers

High street banks and building societies

Getting a loan from a high street bank adds value to piece of mind. You have the opportunity to talk with a loan rep in a familiar place of business and ask questions
face to face.
However a bank on the street will typically charge more interest than a online loan provider.

Grocery Stores, shops and post offices

UK Grocery Stores, post offices and shops are showing a lot of growth in the lending industry. Many such establishments are offering their own personal and payday loan products. This can be very convenient as a consumer. As you can easily manage your other errands while shopping for a personal loan.

Online Lenders

As far as getting the best rate for a loan its hard to beat online lenders.
Because online lenders have less overheads they can offer a lower APR.
Most of the lowest personal loan rates around are from online banks. As well as banking online, you'll also be able to phone the loan company if you have problems or need advice. Another advantage is that you do not have to be in the UK to manage your personal loan.

Borrowing and lending exchanges

Borrowing and lending exchanges work rather like a co-operative in that they offer lower cost personal loans.

They are able to do this because they cut out the sorts of middlemen and extra costs that make high street bank loans so expensive. So people lend and borrow from one another directly.

Lenders and borrowers enter into a legally binding contract with their respective borrowers and lenders. The exchange manages the collection of monthly repayments and if any of that money is not paid on time, it uses exactly the same sort of recovery processes that the high street banks use.
Then to reduce any further risk, amounts that are borrowed or loaned are spread between at least 50 other lenders.
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