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Adding home security can reduce your home insurance costs.


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There are many types of home insurance policies to choose from. In order to ensure you are fully covered, it is important to know all of your options and what is available to you. This site attempts to cover the most important aspects of home insurance in order for you to make a more educated decision when applying for home insurance. As each policies differs, please be sure to read in full any home insurance application you consider.

What  type of home Insurance should I get? 
The two main types of home insurance coverage's are building insurance and contents insurance.

Building Insurance
This type of insurance is purchased for the protection of the structure of your home. The amount of coverage you should purchase is the amount it would cost to rebuild your home. This is not necessarily the market value of your property, or the purchase price. In order to know this value, you will need a professional property evaluation.

Building Insurance will also cover the cost of your outside accommodations, should you need to rebuild. This will be extended until your home is ready for you to move back into.

Contents Insurance
This type of insurance covers the possessions inside and around your home. In the event of occurrences such as: theft, damage due to broken water pipes, and natural disaster damage (including but not limited to: fallen branches, fires, smoke damage, floods, and lightning). Your possession property will also include areas such as porches and patios, so make sure to consider these property sections when detailing your valuables. Contents insurance should also include possessions damaged in your car.

In order to be eligible for contents insurance, you will need documentation of your valuables. Take the time to survey each room separately, creating a list of anything of value. For extra assurance, make a video recording of your house, and the things you include on your list. Keep these documents in a safe place. Since disasters in the home do occur, the safest

place would be a safety deposit box in your local bank. Wherever you keep your documentation, it is also a good idea to include the receipts of your valuables as well. Please note that items of extreme value, such as antiques and expensive jewelry, may need to be covered with an extended home insurance.

Payless on home insurance
With many home insurance policies, you will also be eligible for valuable discounts. Savings on things such as burglar alarms for your home and vehicle, as well as other types of insurance such as auto or life. If you are insuring a new home, or have never made an insurance claim in the past, you should also be eligible for a home insurance discount. After you decide which policy suits you best, consult your local insurance agent for more information regarding the various discounts available.
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