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Check to see if your employer can offer you health insurance options before purchasing elsewhere.


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       Health Insurance HMO or PPO? The majority of employers in the US offer there staff some form of health insurance.
Individuals and families without should seriously consider purchasing some form of health insurance, as without it, there is a great risk of financial consequence. 
When shopping for health insurance it's good to compare as many health insurance plans as possible.
The two main health insurance plans you will come across are; HMOs and PPOs, as every health insurance company plan varies we have highlighted the the main differences so  that you can compare the two plans at a glance.

PPO Health Plan
  • PPO Options allow you to use a doctor in the provider plan or see any licensed provider outside the PPO network.
  • Access to physicians and specialists and hospitals providers in the Planís network. Access is also available to licensed out-of-network physician, specialist, and hospital at any time; but, you will generally pay more for out network services
  • You generally don't need to select a primary care physician (PCP) or obtain referrals to see specialists.
  • Pay only minimal payments for prescription drugs, in-network physician visits and some other covered services.
  • Care through a vast network of providers who will assist you in receiving the maximum level of benefits.


  • Access only to physicians, specialists, and hospitals offered through the HMOís except for emergencies.
  • Choose one doctor to serve as your first point of contact for most health care services.
  • Pay minimal payments for HMO in-network doctor visits, prescription drugs, and some other covered services.
  • Have coordinated care through a network of HMO participating providers.
  • Low-cost access to the services the HMO offers such as: baby care, physical exams, and immunizations.

HMO's are rarely available in rural areas as they need lots of people to make the system work.


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