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Farmer's Insurance California 
Glroia Thursday, February 19, 2004 
I am a renter for a wonderful landlady. We had sewer problems and had to have pipes from front of house replaced due to root of plant damage. She filed a claim and Farmers said they took the sewer coverage off of everyone in California. That it was covered up to November of last year and now she's screwed. She was never informed of this drop of coverage and her insurance costs were higher this year than last year. So she was given no indication that this coverage was dropped. Any suggestions comments? 

Farmer's Insurance
Robert E. Williams Tuesday, October 7, 2003 
I filed a claim with Farmers Insurancefor storm damage lose on 8-7-03. The deemed my damages as minor and paid me$160.93. He stated that I only had a few shingles missing and I could easily patch the roof and I could take some corking to fix the sunroofs I have over900 square feet of damages in the kitchen alone not mentioning damages. 

Farmer's Insurance 
josh rosenfield 
my apt was robbed, i lost a lot of multimedia equipment, computers and dv cams. i had renter's insurance from farmers. they are not paying my claim, they are stalling, investigating, pulling a bunch of bull. I will soon have to go to an attorney and sue for bad faith. 
the investigator who is sitting on this case is Brian Canady of the nw Tucson farmers claim office. 
email me with questions comments or suggestions. 
thanks, josh 
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