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What's Dental Hygienists Do
Dental hygienists help out dentists in many ways 
There main duty is to clean patients teeth. Keeping teeth clean and taking care of them prevents tooth decay and gum disease.
Tooth decay is a process that turns healthy teeth rotten.  Gum disease is an illness in the areas of firm pink flesh around the teeth. 
Dental hygienists clean peoples teeth.  Dental hygienists remove plaque and calculus from teeth.  
Plaque is a soft coating that forms on teeth that can cause tooth decay. Calculus is hardened plaque. 
Dental hygienists also remove stains. Stains are colored spots on teeth. Dental hygienists also polish and floss teeth.
Floss means to pull a thin strand of thread between teeth to clean them.
Dental hygienists keep careful records on each patient.  They write down all possible signs of decay or disease. They record locations of all cavities and fillings.  A cavity is a hole in a tooth caused by decay.  A filling is a matter put into a cavity to stop decay. Dental hygienists must be exact in keeping these charts. Dentists depend on these charts to decide how to treat patients teeth.

Benefits & Commissions Of a Dental Assistant
Full time dental hygienists are usually the only hygienists who receive benefits.  Hygienists may receive dental insurance and health insurance paid holidays and paid six days health insurance, (like dental insurance) is protection against the costs of getting sick. People pay a small amount each month to insurance companies.  The insurance companies pay most of all the bills if a person gets sick.

Preventive Dentistry
Dental hygienists practice preventive dentistry.
Preventive dentistry means keeping teeth healthy to prevent diseases.
Dental hygienists teach patients out to care for their teeth they show patients how to brush and floss their teeth properly brushing and flossing is the key to clean teeth. T to him if the his prevents tooth decay and gum disease.
Hygienists also offer advice on which foods to eat and which foods not to eat.  They ask patients to visit dentists regularly.
Hygienists apply sealants to seal teeth against decay sealants are coatings that, the chewing surfaces of teeth they keep disease away from the teeth dental hygienists also apply fluoride treatments fluoride is a chemical that helps prevents tooth decay. 
Dental hygienists may have other duties as well.  They take X rays of all the patients teeth an X ray is a photograph of the inside of a person's body.  Dentists study these x-rays for signs of tooth decay or disease.
Dental Hygienists Also Help Dentists Find Cavities
Sometimes dental hygienists perform general office work they may answer telephones or sets up appointments they may  helps clients complete dental insurance forms and give advice on individual dental insurance plans or group dental insurance plans. Usually a receptionist or office manager performs these duties.


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