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Keep one to three credit cards -- no more
Pay off your credit card bill in full every month.


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Credit can be like fire if not respected and properly controlled it will burn you. A major part of the problem is the psychology of thecredit card. Unfortunately, most people don't realize these facts about the high cost of carrying debt from month-to-month. The average credit card debt carried by people in the US is $6000, which is more than 10% ofthe average gross income. This costs people countless thousands in interest payments, enriching the banks needlessly. 


Getting Out Of Debt

Limit the cards you have. First consider how many credit cards you actually need. Credit cards are useful in various situations, such as international travel. A major credit card makes it easier and faster to rent a car or buy a plane ticket or buy online. And in an emergency, you wouldn't want to be stranded in a foreign country with out a credit card. But one or two cards will suffice; having just a few credit cards makes it a lot easier to keep track of. Having to many credit cards can make it hard keeping up with payment dates, which will only create late fees and growing interest.

  • If you're deeply in debt, first step back from the problem and get a handle on it.
  • List your cards in APR order - Gather the most recent bills for all your outstanding credit or store cards. Don't forget any!
  • List the APR for each one - you should be able to find this figure on your monthly bill.

The Card with the highest APR is the card you need to pay off first. If you have many credit cards it would be best to keep those credit cards with high APR's to a minimum balance, as these cards will cost you the most interest.

Start by deciding how much of your debt you can afford to pay off immediately. If you're in serious debt, you won't be able to get out swiftly unless the amounts you repay each month are substantial. So if you think (for example) that you'd be comfortable repaying $500 every month, try for $600 or even for $700.
Debt Consolidation Loans

If your debts are large, it could take years -- and a lot of discipline to get out of debt.
You might be tempted to get some relief by applying for a debt consolidation loan. You would then have a single monthly repayment check to write each month that would, be a smaller amounts than your total you are currently paying by making only a minimum payment on all cards and other debts. Putting all of your debts into a single loan will give you a sense of relief, if you can make a strong personal commitment to steering clear of unnecessary expenses.

Debt and Money
As your monthly payments decrease. You should soon see your balances drop, this will give you a larger monthly personal budget. However spend your extra savings wisely, if you can make a larger monthly payment towards your debt consolidation loan do so instead of spending money on those things you don't really need. By doing this you will be out of debt sooner.

How Do Debt Consolidation Loans Work?

The below companies can help you reduce your debt and avoid bankruptcy.

These companies work into ways. First, debt management companies put you on a budget that requires you to make one payment to a company each month. It then allocates this money to your creditors according to a plan it has worked out with them. Second, the debt consolidators arrange a long-term loan that you use to consolidate your debts. You must then make prompt monthly payments to accompany. Debt management companies can be a somewhat simple solution to your debts crisis. However some clients have complained that some debt management programs have high fees, Poor administration, and sometimes high-handed attitudes. 
So your searching to consolidate debt, shop around and research debt management companies for

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