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Can I Afford Life Insurance?
After 10 years of decline, demand for life insurance has risen in recent months. 

Life insurance is particularly important for parents of young children who have 10  to 15 years worth of upbringing expenses.

Even if you have life insurance through your employer, is unlikely to provide enough coverage. What with people living longer life insurance has actually got cheaper unlike other types of insurance. 


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Finding the right Life Insurance...

Life insurance comes in two forms Whole life insurance and Term life Insurance
Term insurance pays your beneficiaries a specific sum when you die providing your death meets the condition of your contract.

Term life insurance is always cheaper than whole life insurance. It's not unrealistic to expect a 30-year-old healthy nonsmoking man to pay between $140 and $240 a year for a $250,000, ten-year term policy, and only about 50% more for double that. A whole life insurance policy with a death benefit can cost five times as much or more.

Whether your beneficiaries will want to use part of the proceeds of a policy to pay off a mortgage or other outstanding debts.

Remember, too, that you'll need a policy for both parents--even if one of you is at home with the kids full-time. "If a stay-at-home parent dies, the survivor will have to pay for childcare and perhaps some housekeeping services," says Peter Katt, a fee-only life-insurance adviser in Mattawan, MI. So this policy must be enough to cover those expenses, typically a minimum of $100,000 for a parent who's not in the workplace.

Comparison shop 
The web offers a number of insurance search engines that let you compare life insurance quotes we recommend  Insureme.

It's  a good idea to get insurance quotes from insurance companies that sell directly to the public, therefore cutting out the middleman insurance agents that generally bump up the insurance prices.

You'll should choose a financially strong company so you can be sure it'll be around when your not. A lot Insurance companies will offer to sell you a special extras to benefit  your life-insurance bill. 


 Accidental-death Rider   Promises to pay double your stated death benefit if you die in an accident, or riders for your dependents that provide a benefit if your child dies before you do. 
Your family would receive the same sum of insurance money no matter how you die, so an " accidental-death rider" doesn't make sense. And unless your child is providing the main household income  she wont need life insurance.

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