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Payday Loans Cash Advance Information
Fast Cash?

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       If you really need money, or just really want some, a Online Cash Advance will give it to you, assuming you qualify.

That qualification requirement is probably why cash advances have become so popular. To get the short-term payday loan, you need a payroll check stub from a job -- in other words, an income that isn't financial aid such as unemployment or disability.

People in need of money who don't have jobs wont qualify.

There are always people who need the service and those who don't want to wait until payday. But it's not for everybody.

In addition to having a job, an applicant typically needs a current checking account at a local bank, have a recent bank statement and have picture identification.

If you qualify, loans can be made for up to $500. Just write a post-dated check for up to two weeks in the future for the amount desired.

Lower loan amounts cost less. State regulations govern the fees that can be charged.

People get loans from the business for a myriad of reasons. They range from money to fix the transmission in the only family car to just wanting an early trip to the mall.

Although it can get expensive, some believe it's better to post-date the check and pay the fee rather than put items on a credit card and wind up paying on them for years.

A busy time for the payday loan business is just before school starts. A lot of parents needing money for school fees, school supplies and clothes will stop by.

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