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Balboa life and casualty
Tom Bourne Thursday, April 11, 2002 
On December 14, 2001 person's) Pried open and removed the screen on a window at my apartment. 
They then proceeded to pry open a locked window to gain entry for the purposes of committing a burglary. 
I submitted a claim to balboa. Balboa denied my claim. 
Balboa is stating that there is no evidence of forced entry; 
I submitted evidence in a police report (photographs). 
Balboa is stating that I created this evidence and is again denying my claim. 
When I spoke to a manager about the accusation of fraud he told me it didn't happen. Now apparently I am a liar too. 

Balboa Renter's Ins
Aileen Tuesday, September 9, 2003 
I read the other story about Balboa and had a similar, though not as bad of an experience. At any rate, the result was the same. After paying Balboa $27 every month for a couple of years, I got my skis stolen at a ski area. A police report was filed, etc, but the Balboa agent got me on the phone to hear my story - which they told me they would tape. That should have been my first red flag - I urge anyone else covered by these Balboa to get off the phone right then, re-read their policies carefully, then get back on the phone before letting them tape you. In the end, they refused my claim because the skis were not 'locked up', thus there was no forced entry. They were brand new skis worth over $1000. These Balboa guys are useless! If anyone has a really good renter's insurance company that are interested in REALLY protecting their customers, please let me know! 

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