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Drive carefully, a safe driving history will greatly reduce your auto insurance premium.

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       Auto Accident As most drivers discover, operating a car can be a risky proposition. What's worse, careless and inexperienced drivers can easily cause harm and financial loss to others. That's why the law today  requires auto insurance.
There are three levels of auto insurance you ought to know about.

Third Party Only

This is the minimum auto insurance coverage required by law in the US. As the name implies, it provides reimbursement for financial losses suffered by other people as a result of your driving. So if you crash into another drivers fender or ride over someone's cat, the injured party can recover money from your third party only coverage. This type of auto insurance policy does not recover any damage to your car caused by your own poor driving or by such unpredictable occurrences as fire or theft.

Third Party Fire And Theft

Third party fire and theft is the next step up from third party only insurance. In addition to covering damage suffered by third parties who you may harm, it covers fire and theft damage to your vehicle. 

Fully Comprehensive Insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance is the most thorough and of course the most expensive form of car insurance. In addition to the coverage's provided by third party, fire and theft, fully comprehensive insurance helps pay for the cost of repairs to your car after an accident, even if you are partly or wholly to blame. If you own a new car or a recent model or valuable use car, fully comprehensive insurance is worth considering. However, understand that if the you total the car, you can't expect to be reimbursed for what you paid for it. Because of the process known as depreciation, the value of your car begins to decline the moment you drive it away from the showroom, and every month you own the vehicle slices away another chunk of its value for insurance purposes.
How Dose Auto Insurance Pricing Work?

Just as life and health insurers base their charges on your age and medical status, auto insurer's have developed elaborate protocols by which they judge the likelihood of costly benefit claims from specific types of drivers. These rules will determine the size of the premiums you will have too pay. They include some points you have no control over. For example, male drivers and those under the age of 25 paid more than females and those over 25, since statistics show
they are more likely to experience serious accidents. In addition, drivers who operate their cars mainly in the suburbs or the country usually pay less than City drivers.
On the other hand, there are some price factors you do control, and you can influence these so as to reduce your insurance premiums. But such options don't appeal to everybody:
  • Driving a Conservative styled car with small a engine.
  • Protecting your car against break-ins. If you lock your car in a secure a garage at night and equip it with an alarm or anti-theft device, you may be able to negotiate lower insurance premiums.
  • Drive safely. Higher premiums are paid by drivers with traffic violations and by those proved being found liable for accidents in the past. Keep a clean driving history and your premiums will go down.

The best drivers are eligible for a no claims discount. After six years of driving without a single insurance claim, you may be able to save up to 65 percent on your premiums obviously a substantial saving.
As soon as you file a claim whether the accident was your fault or not, your no claims discount goes by the boards. So keep track of your claims history and think carefully before filing a claim, especially if you're in a minor accident. You may be better off paying for repairs yourself rather than seeing your insurance premiums suddenly skyrocket.

Finally, as with all of insurance, shop around before settling on a particular company and policy.

Don't simply accept high auto insurance premiums as the inevitable lot of any driver. Look into all of your options for trimming car insurance costs, including buying a car that's cheaper to insure, fitting it with anti-theft devices, accepting a high excess on your policy, and, above all, keeping up a safe driving record.

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