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Tina Murch

I have two complaints about Allstate! I was in (TWO WRECKS IN ONE DAY). On May 16,2001 I was hit on right front side tire area, pushed 30 ft, in to a side walk front left tire. the man didn't have insurance. I was fully covered. Well it's been over 4 months and I still don't have my truck. Or car rental.  Allstate will not do any thing, my so called lawyer is just sitting on it. Allstate wants me to pay over $1.000.00, when I should be paying if anything $200.00.Second wreck was 3 hour later. I called Allstate up told them about the wreck and to added a different car to my insurance before even getting behind the wheel. I was at a full stop at road work on a hill. The car I was in brakes went out, I rolled forward in to a car in front of me. Then Allstate says I'm not insured. And almost 3 years a go I got a no insurance ticket, because of Allstate and the way they set up my account. If anyone can help me get around all this please do.

Buddy Tillotson
Highland, IL.


Another Allstate story.

My wife and I started our auto insurance with Allstate January of this year, and that's when our heartache started. First lets point out our local agent done everything they could to correct the trouble but was unable to mostly of the higher-level offices.

So how do we start, well the insurance we for three vehicles one for my wife, my self and our son. We were given a quote of monthly payments of $180.00. Maybe a little high but not to bad. Then it came back from their underwriting section and you want to talk about a price increase. They had added 3 names to our policy with out our ok or even checking with us to explain about the names. My son and I both had chargeable accidents and my wife did not have a driving record and she has been driving for over 25 years. I called their main toll free number and one of their customer service people told me they could all names if they show they live at our address and they could do it without contacting us. When I passed on that the names one being my daughter that did not live with us any more the other two was my son's ex-wife and the least was a friend of my sons that lived with his family. I asked for a copy of this policy and I never received it. The other issues were passed on about my wife's driving record and the accidents and they stated they would look into it. Of course nothing was done. My local agent was also informed and she stated she will look into but to pay what she had told us to pay the $180.00 which we did.

The following month we got another bill and it was still the same, so I called the toll free number again and the person I talked to this time stated they should have confirmed the names with me before adding it to my bill and said they were being removed, I asked about the accident charges and my wife driving record and I was told it was being worked on. Then of course the next bill arrived and the names were removed but the change had not changed and the other stuff still had not changed. So we went up to the driving testing location and paid for a copy of my wife's driving record and guess what she did have a good clean record. We took this to our local agent and it was faxed it to their underwriting location and said they will contact them to look into it more. A few weeks later we got a call and was informed that they did remove the names, which we knew already but that they did not remove the charge for the names.

Now even after faxing in a copy of my wife's driving record it still took a few months to get them to change our policy and they had removed my son's charged accident but not mine. They also sent us a notice they were going to cancel our insurance if we did not pay all the back money due. We started out paying the $180.00, which was what were told to do by our agent, then it went to $230.00 and we did. I took the cancel notice to our agent and they spoke to their boss and I was told not to worry we were covered. While they looked into it, this took them about 5 weeks but to be safe we gave then $230.00 to be safe and I was told they would hold the check.

We then got notice thru the mail showing we had to pay $250.00 now and they wanted us to pay back the money like our payments had always been 250.00 and since we only gave then 180.00 like it was out fault. During this entire time we were paying what our agent told us. It comes without saying we have a new insurance company with the same coverage but lower payments. Now to top it off our agent sent the check in that we were told they would hold until we told them to send in. I called the main office again and someone from the service department was suppose to call but it looks like they can not read, I had left then instructions to call me at my home Tuesday night and they called on Monday while I was at work. So still trying to get this worked out and if there is anyone out there and can suggest what are my options please let me know..

Robert Spencer
Knoxville TN
Friday, August 31, 2001


My home had been insured with Allstate Insurance since September 15 of 1984. >From 9-5-84 Thru 8-23-01 I filed the following claims:

05/01/1998 Water and accidental leakage where the sewage water line backed-up through my downstairs shower drain and flooded the carpet in the basement. CLAIM DENIED

05/21/1998 Rain damage through my roof which caused several water leaks to ceilings throughout the house. CLAIM PAID $3,489.77

07/04/2000 Guttering and siding overhang on rear of house partially fell, blocking rear door from kitchen and creating a safety hazard for my family. CLAIM DENIED

ON AUGUST 23, 2001 AT 12:01 AM STANDARD TIME, MY POLICY WAS CANCELLED BECAUSE, "I had filed too many claims since having my policy, and the company deemed it NOT PROFITABLE for them to continue covering me"

What an outrage. The last time I checked the Cambridge Dictionary, the purpose of insurance was "to protect yourself against risk by regularly paying a special company that in exchange will provide a fixed amount of money if in the future you are killed or injured or your home or possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen."

It seems to me that Allstate's "policy" is to insure you only if they never have to pay you a claim. VERY PROFITABLE.

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